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The Cure for Hiccups – and an intro to this blog

I was on a road trip with the fiancé this week, when I was hit with a case of the hiccups. These weren’t just measly little hiccups either, they were violent and body jolting—so bad that I was making squeaky drunk-Dumbo-the-elephant noises in the passenger seat.

One heart-stopping fright from the fiancé, and several rounds of ineffective breath-holding later, he decided to let me in on a little secret of his.

In less than a minute, my hiccups were gone, never to return since. Apparently he’s used this method for years, and it has never failed. Who knew?!?

There are lots of places this post could go with hiccups as a metaphor, so I’ll try not to get too cheesy, but having the cure to hiccups did get me thinking:

  1. Sharing information is really helpful. One small tip you learned along the way in life can go a long way toward curing others’ “hiccups.”
  2. Proper technique is key to consistent outcomes. Sometimes all it takes to cure a really bad case of hiccups is to slow down, and take a few deep, technically sound breaths.

In each post here, I’ll share an experience or technique that served me well for preventing or curing business-, marketing- or design-related “hiccups,” in the hopes that it’ll help you out too, or at least kick start your ideas and send you down a track toward a solution that will.

I hope you’ll also share your own successful experiences and techniques with me in the comments.

Oh and by the way, in case you only came for the hiccups, here’s what I learned –


Breathe in and out, yoga style, where your belly rises as you inhale and sinks as you exhale, 10 times.

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