Name & Identity: Pay Today

Name & Identity: Pay Today Name & Identity: Pay Today
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Pay Today is a short-term loans business that launched in Auckland in August 2012. Small loans can be approved and distributed to your bank account within 60 minutes of completing your online application, as long as you meet the loan requirements for employment and earnings. It’s effectively a cash advance, so people short on cash can pay for something today with minimal hassle, with no need to wait til payday.

My mission was to capture the essence of the business in a short and snappy name that people would understand immediately, and to come up with a logo that projected the company’s friendly, no nonsense, up-front (and full disclosure) approach to short-term lending.

Initially I put forward the name Payday Today, but while working through the logo, I realised I should shorten it to Pay Today. For starters, it’s snappier, but ultimately I recommended the change because Pay Today better captures the both aspects of the service, not simply receiving the cash advance, but also being able pay cash for something now rather than later. In other words, you can pay in cash today because you’ve received your pay, today.

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